BA Hons in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Diploma in Midwifery, Registered General Nurse

Therapeutic Approach

Experiential, Person-centred

Membership body


Years practicing

5 years

Issues worked with

University Pressures (non-academic), Public Speaking/Performance Anxiety, Post-Natal Depression (PND), Perfectionism, Low/Depressed Mood, Friendships, Family issues/relationships, Emotional Expression, Academic Stress, Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Abuse (unspecified), PTSD, Parenting, LGBTQ+, Long Covid, Social anxiety, Personal growth/wellbeing, Health anxiety, Attachment issues, Bereavement, Childhood abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Spirituality/Religion, Loneliness, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Alcohol, Domestic abuse, Emotional abuse, Fertility and pregnancy, Addiction, Anxiety (Worries, Fears, Panic), Bullying, Depression, Grief/Loss, Confidence/Self-esteem, OCD, Trauma, Gender identity (incl. dysphoria).

Personal Statement

About me

My history

I have worked within the NHS for over 30 years where I have previous career experience in nursing/midwifery, which has helped me relate to a diverse community and helps me to help others through adversity. I now work as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist in Private Practice (in association with Problem Shared), which offers individuals time and space to talk, search for meaning and find connection to their true self without judgement. I have worked hard on my own self development and self-awareness, which enables me to support and empathise with my clients through their unique experiences.

What can I help you with?

I offer online or face to face counselling sessions within a private, comfortable and accessible setting. 

If you are feeling that you are struggling to cope or find clarity at the moment, I can help with anything that you feel is preventing you from being the best version of yourself. You may feel lost, confused or overwhelmed with your experience and emotions. I  guide you to make sense of how you are feeling. and to put things into perspective. My practice is based on a Humanistic, person-centred model, which supports and guides you to explore your issues and what matters to you. I am passionate about helping you through your process of self-awareness, to promote healing and positive life changes.

What to expect:

It can be a bit daunting if you are coming to counselling for the 1st time. You may feel apprehensive and uncertain. However, curiosity and uncertainty is okay as it helps you to look within yourself. You may struggle to open up and talk about yourself. However, counselling can help you become more comfortable with that. It can take time to feel better and it takes a level of engagement and commitment from you the client.  I am passionate about supporting you and being alongside you, every step of the way, to help you towards finding your own answers. My practice may also involves the use of relaxation/grounding and mindfulness techniques, self-care support resources and psychoeducation, to help you to understand your experiences.

Women's Issues:

Due to personal and professional experiences, I have a specific interest in supporting women who are feeling a loss of identity or a sense of 'not feeling good enough'. Whether this is due to a significant life changing event such as:

  • childhood
  • pregnancy
  • birth
  • postnatal
  • menopause
  • grief & loss
  • relationship/family issues
  • trauma 

Or maybe you are currently feeling overwhelmed, finding it difficult to function in your daily life or uncertain as to why you are struggling. I can support and guide you to process and understand your experience and emotions, towards reconnection and self-empowerment.

My aims are to help you to:

  • feel heard
  • let go of what is holding you back
  • feel safe and less traumatised
  • increase your self confidence
  • feel more empowered
  • find ways to cope and function
  • to understand your process


To support my practice, I am also a Trauma Informed Therapist. I can offer The Rewind Technique to help you to regain control over intrusive, involuntary memories that are affecting your quality of life.