PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy

Therapeutic Approach

Humanistic, Integrative

Membership body


Years practicing

3 years

Issues worked with

Attachment issues, Bereavement, Childhood abuse, Chronic pain, Drugs, Gambling, Gaming, Health anxiety, Mood instability, Personal growth/wellbeing, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Social anxiety, Loneliness, Physical health, Stress, Refugees and displacement, Alcohol, Domestic abuse, Emotional abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Depression, Disordered eating, Anger, Rape/sexual assault, PTSD, Self-harm, Trauma, Work-related issues, Complex Grief, Menopause, Abuse (unspecified), Anxiety (Worries, Fears, Panic), Grief/Loss, Romantic Relationships, Spirituality/Religion, Abortion, Academic Stress, Adjustment/Changes, Brain Fog, Burnout/Fatigue, Confidence/Self-esteem, Disassociation, Divorce, Emotional Expression, Family issues/relationships, Financial concerns, Friendships, Illness in the family, Learning difficulties (general), Leaving University, Low/Depressed Mood, Parental Alcohol/Drug Problems, Parental Separation/Divorce, Perfectionism, Public Speaking/Performance Anxiety, Relationships with Academic Staff, Sleep Problems.

Special interest areas

My integrative training allows us to focus on a myriad of issues. I have a particular interest in clients with maladapted coping strategies. They may be feeling anxious, depressed, traumatised, menopausal without coping strategies in place and/or they may be relying on addictive behaviours to change how they feel eg. alcohol or other drugs, co-dependent relationships, sex, food, gambling, retail.... anything unhelpful..

Personal Statement

As a relational therapist our sessions revolve around the relationship between us. We will create an empathic and authentic safe space to explore and discover a way forward together. I offer unconditional positive regard, empathy, and authenticity using foundational humanistic perspectives. I think empowering you with tools to explore outside our sessions enables you to move forwards autonomously and confidently. Perhaps the tools you are currently using to change how you feel are not working You are the expert on you. No-one knows you better than you. You are in a relationship with yourself all day every day. As we progress, we will co-create our techniques discovering a bespoke approach which works best for you. We will work collaboratively as you are the most important person in the room. Our compassion focused therapeutic tools will help you develop a self compassion and understanding to challenge your critical inner voice.