Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Therapeutic Approach


Membership body

BACP (Accred.)

Years practicing

5 years

Issues worked with

Adoption, Attachment issues, Bereavement, Childhood abuse, Cultural identity, Drugs, Gambling, Gaming, Autism spectrum disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Personal growth/wellbeing, Social anxiety, Spirituality/Religion, Loneliness, Physical health, Schizophrenia, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, ADHD/ADD, Personality disorders, Alcohol, Domestic abuse, Emotional abuse, Family issues/relationships, Addiction, Anxiety (Worries, Fears, Panic), Bullying, Depression, Disordered eating, Anger, Parenting, Grief/Loss, PTSD, Phobias, Romantic Relationships, Confidence/Self-esteem, Self-harm, Trauma, Chronic fatigue, Chronic pain, Dementia, Dyslexia, Foster care, Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), HIV/AIDS, Health anxiety, Identity issues, Mood instability, Multiple sclerosis, Physical abuse, Psychosis, Sexual abuse, Insomnia, Sexuality, Long Covid, Refugees and displacement, Cancer, Fertility and pregnancy, Chronic or acute health conditions, LGBTQ+, Rape/sexual assault, Sexual identity, Sexual matters, OCD, Work-related issues, Complex Grief, Menopause, Not Assessed, Abuse (unspecified), Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Abortion, Academic Stress, Adjustment/Changes, Brain Fog, Burnout/Fatigue, Disassociation, Divorce, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dysphasia, Dyspraxia, Emotional Expression, Financial concerns, Friendships, Gender identity (incl. dysphoria), Illness in the family, Immigration, Learning difficulties (general), Leaving University, Low/Depressed Mood, Marriage, Memory/Amnesia (or cognitive impairment), Miscarriage, Parental Alcohol/Drug Problems, Parental Separation/Divorce, Perfectionism, Post-Natal Depression (PND), Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Public Speaking/Performance Anxiety, Relationships with Academic Staff, Sleep Problems, University Pressures (non-academic).

Special interest areas

With years of experience and providing support to individuals and groups from all walks of life I can offer a range of therapeutic approaches. Person-centred Counselling and CBT I believe suit clients entering counselling through individual sessions, Couples therapy and Family/Group therapy particularly online and building a therapeutic alliance remotely. Through years of experience working with ND individuals and groups I am able to provide a supportive, multicultural and diverse environment that offers an online therapy room which is safe. My Person-Centred, Counselling and Psychotherapeutic, Practice enables flexibility for me to adapt to meet individual ND needs and promotes feelings of self-acceptance. Raising self-awareness through talking therapies and working in collaboration can see the application of specifically tailored strategies and techniques suited to both professional and personal settings - in order to accommodate a better quality of life. Being heard empowers ND clients and brings them closer to understanding and accepting a new sense of self; builds confidences and esteems encouraging change and wanting to be heard. .

Personal Statement

I create a safe environment for clients to express themselves freely and heal at a pace that suits them. I truly believe being an expert in one sees me being trustworthy for another. I have an innate ability to put people at ease through my acceptance,empathy and integrity. Real human connections form with the therapeutic relationship. I provide a confidential, ethical and non-judgemental practice. I bring a richness to the therapeutic relationship, as I am able to sit alongside clients while they develop a greater sense of self, realise their true potential and travel a little further, a little lighter through their life.